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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hello, everyone.

My love of Star Trek goes all the way back to the early seventies, when I was a little girl. I was one of those fans who found the show when it was in its first round of syndication. It was on five nights a week around 5 or 6 PM and I never missed an episode. My brother was also a big fan and we usually watched it together and we would talk about the show all the time.

There was so much about TOS that I loved, but for me the heart of the show was always the incredible chemistry between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

It was something to be a Star Trek fan in the 70s. Back in those days, it was considered really uncool to be a Trekkie. But even more than that, the idea that the show might actually, you know, come back someday was just a crazy, far-out idea that seemed utterly unrealistic. Even though my brother and I knew the show was popular in syndication and we knew about the conventions -- we both knew better than to get our hopes up that the show might actually be resurrected someday.

It's been a wild trip since then. I attended a bunch of conventions during the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, and have seen almost every member of the original cast speak at one of these conventions.

I do love most of the other shows as well. The only exception is Enterprise, though I do love Scott Bakula and in fairness I have only seen a few episodes. But it didn't do much for me. But I am a huge Next Generation fan and in fact I am currently re-watching the fourth season.

Well, I suppose that's enough for now.
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