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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

The fear he had in Batman Begins isn't the same fear he needed in TDKR. Not sure if I can explain it properly... Bruce Wayne has lost the will to live. He needed to learn to want to live again basically. And with the will to live comes the fear of death. That's what the leap was about. He made that jump because he was pumped with fear of dying. In Batman Begins it wasn't fear of death, it was more a fear of not being able to accomplish things, I guess. He had a clear goal: clean the streets of Gotham. And then in TDK, things got worse. And after he lost Rachel, and after he gave up being Batman, after he didn't have a goal any more, it all crumbled down so that he didn't want to live anymore. In prison, he had to "learn" that "life" should be his new goal. So he came back to stop Bane, and then leave to start a new life.
I'm with you. It is a different kind of fear. And if your going to kind of mirror a theme from an earlier film, as a writer you got to take that theme in a different direction. As a normal trilogy bookend that gives a different spin on a theme introduced early on, TDKR,is fine perhaps. Though some people might complain that 40 minutes of the film were spent on one man making one jump. And what about the rest of the complex Nolanized narrative of parallel stories and mounting tension? In TDK, these kind of scenes not only added to the tension, but also added to that theme of that particular movie. But all of these random threads have to do with the kind of theme this film wants to explore (the fear needed to live again). It's as if Nolan wanted to go back to the first film's character roots but still wanted to act like this was a TDK-like crime drama. He burns the candle at both ends. And when you widdle down all the complexities, and a theme that certain is much lower in ambition than the second film, you have a Return of The Jedi-like hodgepodge of a trilogy ender.
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