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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Just finished this one. Sigh.

I voted average, because it is so painfully average. I agree with the previous comments here: characterization has taken a step backwards (why is Ra-Havreii still fretting about the Luna? STILL?). Pava didn't impress me as a character. I didn't care for how the Andorians were portrayed; for a species that were a founding member of the Federation and its core ideals, they sort of dropped all of that pretty fast, didn't they? And I get that they are facing extinction, but there's not one ounce of emotional depth from the Therin's crew... I kept waiting for their commander to start laughing with a maniacal "MUHAHAHAHAHA!".

The Ta'ithan species were also cardboard representations, like the Hranrar species from Seize the Fire. The world-building that Titan has been known for has been extremely watered down over these past two novels (which is a shame, considering their excellent predecessor, Synthesis). Oh, and SecondGen White-Blue, whom I really liked, sacrifices himself off-screen with just Tuvok to fill in the details. WTF?

I'll say this: Fallen Gods was better than Seize the Fire, but only just. It's not an awful novel (even if the prologue is rough to get through), and it provides some interesting developments in the wake of the ongoing Typhon Pact storyline. Riker provides an interesting solution to the Andorian crew situation (which was one of the better pieces of the novel, since the solution perfectly aligns with his character). But the prose is flat and at times stilted.

The "wow factor" hasn't been there these past two novels. I hope that we get a different writer for the next Titan novel. One of TrekLit's best series has gone into a slump and I hope the editor makes moves to correct it.
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