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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

This crew COULD be so much fun, though. There are so many interesting ideas for characters among the aliens. They just haven't been written well lately. Even Synthesis was pretty good on its own but casting everyone as really sort of paranoid and dark compounded the sense of dour unhappiness that seems to plague this series.

I'm saying, get KRAD in here. Or David McIntee. Or Kirsten Beyer, if she'd want to write anything besides Voyager. Or even David Mack, but writing a funny novel instead of a brain shattering one; he's written some of the funniest things in TrekLit (like the Kebron story in the NF story collection). Christopher is one of my very favorite writers, but he's definitely prone to soul-searching deep profound narratives, and between him and Swallow's action-oriented paranoia and Martin's humorlessness, this crew never comes off as any fun to be a part of.
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