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Cast The Inevitable Batman Reboot

Just for fun. Because you know it's going to happen.

I'd guess that the actors on the shortlist last time round are probably a little too long in the tooth this time out, though I could be wrong. Jake Gyllenhall might just still be in the running, though I can't help but wonder if he might be out because of the Maggie-as-Rachel thing, not to mention the Heath Ledger connection! Hollywood might be afeared that we simple fans would get totally confuddld.

A better bet might be to look at those who were in the running for Man of Steel (especially if, as is rumoured, WB wants the two franchises to merge). Armie Hammer, who was to play Batman in George Miller's abortive Justice League movie must be a contender. He plays the lead in next year's Lone Ranger but he wouldn't be the first actor to star in two franchises.

Joe Manganiello, who was Flash Thompson in Spider-man and plays Alcide in True Blood, apparently also had an audition for MOS. He has the build and the height, but - and I know this is kinduva silly but - he has a sort of funny shaped nose which might look a bit weird in a Batman mask.

Chris Hemsworth's little bro Liam, having narrowly lost out in Thor, is breaking through in his own right and will be in this year's Expendables 2, among other things. Might there be room for a second superhero in the family?

For Commissioner Gordon, I think Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad, who voiced Gordon in the animated Year One, would be an excellent replacement for Gary Oldman.

Not sure if they'll retain Lucius Fox in the reboot. After all, he wasn't in the previous movies and they may feel he's too closely associated with the Nolanverse (just like The Amazing Spider-man omitted JJ Jameson and the Osbornes, for example). But if he's back, I could see Lawrence Fishburne or The Wire's Clarke Peters in the role.

Alfred is pretty indispensable to any Batman movie. Will they stick with a cockney chappie like Caine or make him posher, like the late Michael Gough? Michael Caine's old flatmate Terence Stamp could play him in either fashion. Patrick Malahide looks quite like the Alfred from the comics and I could see him with a good take on sardonic one-liners (even if he's generally associated with villains).

Like TAS, I'd imagine that this series of movies will, initially at least, avoid villains used by the last set. Which means a chance to cast bad guys Nolan omitted. Paul Giamatti for Penguin? Neil Patrick Harris for The Riddler?

Of course, you just know that we're all going to be completely wide of the mark (who would have predicted Rhys Ifans for the Lizard or Michael Shannon as Zod, for example?). But isn't that half the fun?
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