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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

The problem with Wayne having given up the Batman persona between movies and the apparently for good at the end of this movie it sort of makes all of the "establishing a Batman status quo" in the first two movies pointless.

I mean he invests time and money into designing this persona and building the Batcave (which we never really satisfactorily see) all for it... To not really be used? Really the set-up of the Batman "universe" in the first two movies was a big cock-tease only for it to be pulled out at the last minute with this movie with the Batman idea never really taking off.

This movie, for me, didn't fit with everything the first two movies wanted to build up. Hell even in TDK Joker says "I can see us doing this forever." as an obvious meta-joke to what a constant source of trouble the Joker is for Batman. But, nah, Batman was able to make Gotham not a crime-riddled hellhole pretty much by making someone else the inspiration of that, and knock off six years his scant 1-year-long career having been enough.
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