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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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Although we learnt in DS9 that all security/defense forces in the federation for every member world is Starfleet.
No, not really. We just saw that Admiral Leyton used his considerable influence (and the fact that Jaresh-Inyo was such a pushover) to get Starfleet troops on every street corner. And of course that they didn't want to create new uniforms that they weren't ever going to use again.

I'm sure that United Earth security forces could have been 'federalized' to deal with the crisis (in fact, they were actually going to show that, but it got cut for time).

Actually I believe that there has been onscreen mention of Federation member worlds retaining their own militaries for purely local matters. Most of them would indeed be absorbed into Starfleet, but not all.
This from rapture is what I am talking about.

WHATLEY: Not sorry enough to return my comm. signals. All three of them. That could get an officer in a lot of trouble. Look, Ben, I need to know that I can count on you. Now, Bajor's admission is only the beginning. Now comes the hard part. Federation council members have to be chosen, the Bajoran militia has to be absorbed into Starfleet. There are thousands of details that have to be overseen and you're our point man here. That means we need to depend on you more than ever.
SISKO: Don't worry. I won't let you down.
Of course the hilarious thing is that "absorb" probably means paintjob.

Private citizens, companies and religious orders can... Paris when he was a kid wanted to join the US(?) Coastguard because he really liked messing about in boats.

Do the Coastguard and Starfleet have overlapping responsibilities? Or is the coastguard purely ceremonial considering transporter technology makes sea rescue almost effortless since there are probably thousands of satellites maintaining %100 coverage on earth of their Transporter Network for site to site beaming.

Although, the reason that there are so many star ship designs is that there are shipyards all over the federation who have their own local design teams pitching new ideas which the local powers want to cling to preserve their small town values.
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