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Re: TP: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Mild recommendation. An improvement over RBOE. Still don't much care for Sisko's development in these books. Really would have preferred that he become a Yoda-esque character deservedly left alone in peace with his family. While his development in this book isn't nearly as distasteful as it was in RBOE thankfully, I think what I'm realizing is that I find Sisko's story just plain boring.

The political story is more interesting. Alas the first 50 pages is recapping the previous TP books. Even if it's from different angles, it was still irritating. The phase cloak is confirmed at least. Still don't know why Starfleet isn't completely freaking out about this like the Typhon Pact is flipping out over slipstream. Seems like a warbird could just hold station in the Palais and Starfleet HQ to listen in on policy and strategy. As an aside, where are Starfleet's transphasic torpedoes nowadays?

The biggest problem: lack of focus. This book jumps all over the place, seemingly at random. First half of the book doesn't feel it's going anywhere in particular. Scene after scene plays out without a sense of building towards anything. I'd be hard pressed to say who the actual main character is here. I'd probably say Romulan Praetor Gell Kamemor. Here we are with the Cardassian castellan. She plays no real role later. There we are with Ro bizarrely freaking out over her chief of security without much context that then has to be explained later. This feels like such an unreasonable assumption on Ro's part that I almost hope it turns out to be true later. Sort of like the mole in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. At least in the movie.

I really did like the Enterprise-E finally going into the Gamma Quadrant. That was cool. So glad that Spock finally left Romulus. That's only been a subplot that's been spinning its wheels since 1991. Holy cow. Has it been that long now?! Geez.

As for the book's last line. Well, I was able to move right into Raise the Dawn after reading this, so I got my answer right away. Strangely enough, I don't know how to feel about it. I guess I've become so disappointed with DS9 lately that I just don't care anymore. Sure doesn't seem like TPTB cared about the station anymore either. Even though it was a character that we watched grow over the years. I guess they've fully embraced how we're not going to see this era of Trek on screen ever again. So anything is fair game. My point of view has always been that it should have been about the station and the characters assigned to it.
Out of 4 stars:
The Light Fantastic: **1/2
One Constant Star: **1/2
Serpents in the Garden: **1/2

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