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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

For me it's a matter of perspective. If you want you can ignore TDKR because the end of TDK is open ended. We can easily assume Batman stays in operation despite being branded an outlaw. The flaw with that is how they build the lie of Harvey Dent. In all that time they couldn't get past that lie and just got stuck with it.

Would it really be so bad if they had fessed up from the beginning. All Gordon had to do from the get-go that night was to say what happened: Harvey Dent got fucked up by his injuries, deformity and grief and went off the deep end. Who couldn't understand that. Jim Gordon of the comics and B-TAS would never have sold Batman out. THAT'S the big fuck-up at the end of TDK.

But afterward it's compounded by turning Bruce into a recluse and Batman resigning. None of that rings true of the character we've come to expect. And it doesn't really ring true of the Batman of BB and TDK. Lastly, whatever intelligence Batman may have shown in the first two films is just gone in TDKR. After losing to Bane in a straight-up hand-to-hand the real Batman would have then used his smarts to be Bane on all fronts.
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