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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Lord Garth wrote:
while totally broke
I don't get this. Are we assuming the trades were never found to be fraudulent and Wayne simply became a pauper?

Lord Garth wrote:
And Buce would never retire as Batman even if the police were after him.
I don't think the police had anything to do with it. The last time we see them they're cheering him on and then fighting alongside him.

Lord Garth wrote:
It even impacts what I think of "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" now that I know where they're heading.
That's the thing. This is where they were heading. Especially TDK, but it started back in BB. And you know what? No one seemed to have a problem with it. No one let it interrupt their paeans of adulation for TDK. But now it's paid off and suddenly it's a problem.
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