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Re: Re-watching Babylon 5 (* SPOILERS *)

I was hoping to wait a bit longer so as to avoid double-posting, but finished the next batch of episodes quicker than I expected. Before I jump into my reviews, though, I figured I ought to update my 'essentials' list:
Points of Departure
A Distant Star
The Long Dark
Spider in the Web
A Race through Dark Places
The Coming of Shadows
All Alone in the Night
Acts of Sacrifice
Hunter, Prey
There All the Honor Lies
And Now for a Word
In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum

Now, my reviews of the last four eps on that list.

Hunter, Prey
Of all the episodes on my above 'essentials' list, I think Hunter, Prey is the most encompassing in scope, drawing in story threads from Chrysalis, Points of Departure, Spider in the Web, A Race through Dark Places, and All Alone in the Night, while also doing a bit of subtle foreshadowing as well.

There All the Honor Lies
As I was watching this ep, I was struck by the number of similarities it has to The Gathering in terms of its structure, theme, and certain plot elements, and while I stand by my earlier statement of The Gathering being worth watching if only for the sake of completeness, I also think that TAtHL does a better job with its themes and is more pivotal and farther-reaching. If all of that weren't enough to make the episode awesome, though, there's also the fact that it heralds the birth of the 'Great Babearlon 5 Feud'.

And Now for a Word
The 'conceptual gimmick' behind this ep may have been done elsewhere, but I find myself hard-pressed to say whether or not it's ever been done better. BSG's Final Cut comes very close, but doesn't cover nearly the same amount of thematic ground as ,ANfaW, which is what pushes the latter ep over the top.

In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum
This episode could very easily have lent its title to the season instead of The Coming of Shadows and it wouldn't have been out of place. The episode could also have very easily been made into a two-patter because of how much storyline ground it covers, drawing in threads from TWP, SaP, Chrysalis, Revelations, TAtHL, and ANfaW while also laying down a number of new story threads for the future. It's a major undertaking and is a huge testament to JMS' skills as a storyteller that things don't get bogged down.
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