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Re: Cap Com 83: In A Mirror Hoshi.

But, second... the winners of the last contest!

Howdy, this is your guest winner-picker. And heeeere they are!

Eerily Prescient Award

LeadHead wrote: View Post

Engineer: Commander, shouldn't we be fixing the warp reactor?

Trip: Priorities! I might someday sit in this chair!

Engineer: Only if the Captain's brain gets infested by Parasites and T'Pol resigns...

"Expendables" Award

R. Star wrote: View Post

Phlox: Relax, Mr Mayweather the Denobulan Science Institute just wanted some research data on how long extras can survive in a vacuum chamber.
Mayweather: But.. I've been in space. I'm the pilot.
Phlox: No worries, my friend. We have an extra who we can pay less to fly the ship and say nothing.

We're All Adults Here Award

LeadHead wrote: View Post

Trip: All set Cap'n, the next time someone sits in the chair who isn't you, they'll get an electric shock in their butt.

Archer: Time for a test. T'Pol, you have the Bridge.

Naughty Name Game Award

Jonas Grumby wrote: View Post

Archer: "Think you're funny, don't you! I'd better not ever hear you refer to T'Pol and me as 'Tee-Pole and Tent-Pole' again!"
And for our winners--- your very own Dr. Phlox Away Team Action Figure with spare head! Squeeeeee! It was worth the wait, wasn't it?

Now, on with the show. Good luck, all!

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