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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

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^ Um, ever seen ST IV: The One With The Whales. Light hearted adventure with a moral dilemma.

The TNG movies lost their way with letting Stewart and Spiner run the creative process instead of acting in movies. They never brought in a real thinker, like Nick Meyer to reduce TNG to it's most successful elements (FC comes closest) and elevate it into true motion picture worthy adventure.

ST II III and IV were all made on budgets but with scale. TNG films had more money and less scope, looking like TV movies of the week.
What the was the dilemma in IV, a dilemma has to be a moral choice that has two view points that are valid and the morality around the situation is unclear, the path out of it is not easy. There was no moral choice or qualms presented in IV in regards to the decision to time travel get the whales. That is not a dilemma.

IV had a moral message, but not a dilemma, you can have a light hearted movie with message, but a true moral dilemma has truly conflicted and little heart wrenching.

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But in my version, we never have starfleet on the planet working with the Sona. The way it is muddies the waters. Is Starfleet or the Sona the bad guys. If starfleet's the bad guys, why do other starfleet guys act like the good guys. Keep things clear and simple. Sona are bad guys, starfleet good guys.
Well it depends on what type story you want to tell, if you want to tell a light hearted adventure story, then having a clear evil that needs defeating is the way to go. However a clear evil doesn't make for a good moral dilemma, for that you need a story that muddies the water. You need a situation where its not easy to tell which is the right way to deal with the situation. So if the Son'a are villains and they are just evil, it removes the moral dilemma. Having Picard fight against Star Fleet instead of evil aliens makes for a better moral dilemma.

The problem is Insurrection tried to a light hearted adventure with a moral dilemma, those two things are contrary to each other.
You don't need to muddy the waters by making Starfleet officers conspire with the Sona to make it a moral grey area. That comes from the fact that the Sona are trying to do something that will benefit millions of people. Is it right to prevent that just to benefit a few hundred Baku? THAT is where the moral dilemma comes from.
If Star Fleet is fighting against the Son'a why would they be interested in the Son'a process in the first place? Such trades usually do not happen if parties are at war with each other. Plus if the Son'a are presented as just evil, how is this a gray area?

A moral dilemma needs muddied waters to work, Picard will be far more conflicted fighting against star Fleet, then some random aliens who are given no real redeeming qualities. If the Son'a are just presented as evil, then how do they make valid point and how is this situation gray?

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