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Thanks again everyone for the kind words! And sorry to hijack this thread a bit with medical updates, but it seems an appropriate place to share and it's not really worth starting up a whole thread on its own.
Today I learned several things: mammograms suck but not as badly as I'd expected.<snip>
No, they really aren't. Granted, it's not fun having your boob in a vice, like they think you have the secret rocket-formula or something....but it's just a moment of discomfort and then it's over. No biggie. I have to go get my annual mammogram soon; at worst, I'll just be a bit sore afterwards.

<snip>the syndrome my surgeon think I have is not at all dangerous in any way, and I most likely won't even have to have it operated on. What it is, though, is extremely rare. My surgeon, a breast specialist at Beth Israel Cancer Center, said that in 30 years of practice I am only the third patient he's seen with it.
Um...yay, you? You can tell your family, "See, I really AM special!"

Glad you got this all resolved.
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