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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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People are complaining about a missing phaser blast in Heart of Glory, the scene is editing slightly different, you see the shot from the gun, then it cuts to the security guy getting hit. The sequence looks better now, with the beams coming from the right place.

So wait, you're saying that rather than forgetting to add an effect, they actually fixed a continuity error? I guess I have to watch the DVD and Blu-ray again.
Okay, so I just examined the DVD and Blu-ray again and the sequence is edited exactly the same. The phaser beam is genuinely missing and it's a full-on mistake -- there has been NO attempt at correcting beam placement (one isn't required).

Funny thing is, they went to all the trouble of erasing the security guard's pyrotechnic igniter squib from his uniform AND the wire coming out of his pant leg! Everything looks great... except for the missing beam.
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