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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

It would seem like she is a smart woman, & being so, she's been able to piece it all together. I think the worm really turned for her when he gave her the "I'm the one who knocks" speech
EXACTLY. Skyler's fear isn't out of the blue. Women pick up cues and subtleties and meanings in words quite well. Skyler knows he's different now; the bomb in the nursing home made it all crystal clear in a way that she can no longer ignore. Plus, the way he was slithering all over her in bed....Walt knew she was tense and unreceptive. He didn't care. Being sexually intimidated is a terrible thing for a woman; it doesn't matter if you know the man or not. I understand the scene was originally filmed a bit more explicitly but the director decided it wasn't necessary to see?

Jesse's an antivillain? Is that a more compassionate villian with whom you can empathize emotionally? Hmmmmm....that might fit Jesse the character. It's hard to imagine Jesse terrorizing a woman in bed or killing just to prove he's "the man" like Walt. Jesse really suffered after he offed Gale--at Walter's request. Yes, it's very bad that he did it, but still, you're able to feel sorry for him while bemoaning Gale's fate. No one forced Gale into that lab to cook either. He was in it for profit. The fact that you can feel for Jesse's internal strife when he couldn't bare to be alone in his own house lest he be alone with his thoughts is testament to Aaron Paul's talent, IMO.

The only other character whom I can think of who might have fit the "antivillain" mode was Chris Keller of HBO's "Oz." Violent and deceitful, yes. Yet I totally empathized with his feelings for Beecher and fear that he'd burn in hell.

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