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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

I think calling Gene an "idiot" is needlessly harsh. His views and direction was certainly different than what others had and maybe not suited for a 1980s TV audience and sensibilities but much of his vision for the series and the "universe" of Trek lasted throughout TNG (though mostly went away in DS9 and in Voyager.) I'd probably liken him to George Lucas in a way that he "had a good idea" that was best brought out by people who were better writers and directors. But Gene an "idiot" no way, he's the one that brought everything to life when it comes to Trek. Without him we never would have had any of it. It was better and stronger because of those he trusted to work under him but it still all started with him. Though it did seem (maybe due to declining health/encroaching senility) he was a bit power-made as TNG's 1st season wound down. But everyone still had strong respect for the man.
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