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Re: Deborah Ann Woll: Babe of the week #32 (Aug. 2012)

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Cute, sure.

As an aside, and building off of the previous couple of these threads: we argue about all the sexist and crude comments in these threads, but we've already had two female posters whose response has essentially been "I'd fuck her". We're either ok with that kind of comment or we're not, right? Guy says the same thing, we go through the same shitstorm again.

Just saying...

So, let me get this clear:

1) When someone tells you they're interested in you or asks you on a date, you immediately run off crying "Noooo, he/she just essentially told me 'I want to fuck you'! I am so offended!"

2) When you want to ask someone on a date, you say "I'd like to fuck you". 'Cause, it essentially means the same thing, so why not say it like that?

I'm just trying to understand how exactly your mind works, out of curiosity. It's certainly one of TrekBBS's biggest oddities I've encountered.
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