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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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A book with the title Avenging should be a bit more...vengeful.
But that's not exactly the point of the book, is it? I thought its entire purpose was to be a book specifically focusing on Spidey teaming up with individual fellow Avengers.
Is it? If it is then I just didn't know that and therefore drew my own conclusion.

At any rate, I still have to cut back on my books and am going to drop this one. The Infernal Man-Thing mini ends next month.

I'm literally trying to get no more than 5 books a month come next year and this title currently has a good stopping point. The trimming has to start somewhere. Incredible Hulk will be over come end of the year. I'm only getting Dark Avengers for the Man-Thing developments, that may be resolved by then. That leaves me Punisher and Defenders, the former of which is on a collision course for termination but not likely till about March.

I'll be reading the thread for details till I get some TPB.
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