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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

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^^^I think the technical term for Jesse is antivillain. What Walt wants and does is driving all the action and drama, so he is the protagonist, even if he is an antihero. Hank is the antagonist.
The point of my post wasn't how to categorize Jesse the character, but to point out that Jesse is not the moral center of the show -- Hank is.

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But I'm not getting exactly why Skyler is so scared of Walt all of a sudden. Okay, she knows he blew up Gus but why wouldn't she see that as just self defense? She was well aware that Walt's life was in danger at some point.

Walt has shown her nothing but "love" and devotion in the past. I don't think the show has worked hard enough make a convincing case for justifying Skyler's fear of Walt at this point.
Yeah at first I had a bit of trouble with that as well, but now that we see how much more cold and calculating and scary he's become, I think her fear makes a lot more sense.
Before she could tell herself that he was a good, decent guy who was just in way over his head, but now it's clear to her that he's a VERY different man than before. One who can set off a bomb in a nursing home and sound perfectly calm and relaxed about it afterwards.

The fact he still acts like a normal family man on the outside would probably just make the whole thing seem even creepier to her.
At this point, I know I'm nit picking a bit here because Walt has become one scary dude. But what I'm saying is that I needed a scene in the season opener where Walt actually does something that makes Skylar think that he just might harm her if he feels the need. She seemed to be frightened of him in their first scene together.

Carmella Soprano knew Tony was a scary dude too. She knew he was capable of murder and worse, but she was "reasonably" sure he wouldn't harm her for the most part. Being a "dangerous" guy in and of itself isn't necessarily a reason for a loved one to fear that person.

I just haven't seen where Vince has let us see whatever it was Skylar saw that made her feel about Walt the way she was shown to feel about him in the season opener. I mean we know Walt is scary because we've seen what he is capable of, but Skylar hasn't seen any of this. All we have been shown her seeing is Walt being a loving Dad, a loving (sometimes overbearingly so, and manipulative) husband.

I can accept that she is afraid of him now, I just think it would hav made more sense to show us something in the season opener that would explain her fear of him in that first scene in their bedroom in the season opener.
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