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Re: Deborah Ann Woll: Babe of the week #32 (Aug. 2012)

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Guess you could choose to be pedantic, but seems pretty clear. If they were talking about being friends, what does their current sexual orientation have to do with it?
Because there's more to a relationship than sex. Sure, sex is usually a component in romantic relationships (although asexual relationships do exist), but it is far from the only component, and most people that reach adulthood know that. There is a big difference between saying "I wish to be in a relationship with person A" and "I wish to fuck person A", and I have to believe that you're intelligent enough to understand the distinction.

Which of those meanings did those two women in question intend to use? I don't know, I'll let them elaborate if they choose to do so.

Nothing, the comment was intended to be sexual, as it would appear.
In a binary world.

Several posters chose to make a stand in the couple previous threads about this, and appeared to have pretty wide support. Let's just be consistent about it, I guess...
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