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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

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But I'm not getting exactly why Skyler is so scared of Walt all of a sudden. Okay, she knows he blew up Gus but why wouldn't she see that as just self defense? She was well aware that Walt's life was in danger at some point.

Walt has shown her nothing but "love" and devotion in the past. I don't think the show has worked hard enough make a convincing case for justifying Skyler's fear of Walt at this point.
Yeah at first I had a bit of trouble with that as well, but now that we see how much more cold and calculating and scary he's become, I think her fear makes a lot more sense.

Before she could tell herself that he was a good, decent guy who was just in way over his head, but now it's clear to her that he's a VERY different man than before. One who can set off a bomb in a nursing home and sound perfectly calm and relaxed about it afterwards.

The fact he still acts like a normal family man on the outside would probably just make the whole thing seem even creepier to her.
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