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Re: Deborah Ann Woll: Babe of the week #32 (Aug. 2012)

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have certainly never said it was "cool". I don't know where you did get that.
Guess I got that from you going after the guys talking shit in the last thread, but you choosing to ignore the comments in this one in favor of picking on mine...

Who is this "you" you are talking about?
poor pronoun choice, I suppose. 'You' as part of a bigger group, as opposed to you singular, I guess. You had nothing to say about the comments in this thread, but did in the previous one.

Most of the rest of the 'you' comments could just be replaced with the term 'one', as in "if one wanted to complain", etc. Shouldn't have been all directed at you, most was generic to the group.

Or I suppose all women (and all "masculine feminists", to quote another poster) look the same to you?
And back to strawmen again? Wanna point out my comments about women all looking/being/acting the same?

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RevdKathy wrote: View Post
Err, I don't recall either woman here saying the candidate was 'fuckable'. They said they'd be interested in her if they were gay. Whether that interest was as a friend, girlfriend, confidante, romantic attachment or for sex was never specified.

Making it rather different from
"I'd do her"
What do you think "If ever I were to go gay, Ms. Woll would be my first choice" insinuates? First choice for what? Bridge partner? Tennis doubles partner? Personal chef?

Let's not delude ourselves.
Indeed. Not a lot of detective work to figure out exactly what was implied. But whereas in the previous thread, anyone who said anything like that was a close-minded sexist pig, nary a peep this time...
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