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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

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I think movies like Robin Hood and Zorro and Tarzan ride that edge because they really transport the viewer to a different time and place, usually more idealized than reality, with larger than life heroes. The Green Hornet barely qualifies from a SFF perspective in one sense but the way it's packaged it feels right at home. Yeah, you gotta be careful not to get ridiculous but they pass my squint test for "genre" movies.
True story: Years ago, when I was editing a line of original ZORRO novels for Tor, I wanted to market them as SF on the grounds that Zorro was a superhero and that's where the audience was, but I was overruled by my bosses because Zorro wasn't technically sf or fantasy. So the books were shelved in the mainstream fiction section and vanished without a trace.

To this day, I wish I had fought harder to get them into the SF/Fantasy section . . . ..

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