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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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I was wondering who designs and builds the beautiful buildings, maintains the gardens, etc. Everyone we saw was partying. But, obviously (like we only saw the militaristic Klingons) there are other members of society who are productive.
I wonder if the Edo "God" was taking care of their needs, I don't recall any geriatric Edo being around either?

Though that doesn't really add up because someone would've had to lay down the plants and white boundaries Wes tripped into.
I stupidly forgot about the "God", who could easily have taken care of everything, including moving the white boundaries around.

However, why did you mention "geriatric" Edo? Would they be the only ones too tired to party, and thus willing to do the work?

There was actually a white-haired woman in several scenes, but she had no lines. Presumably, she was hanging around with the partiers (sp?)...
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