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Re: Deborah Ann Woll: Babe of the week #32 (Aug. 2012)

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Hell, we just spent the last couple weeks' worth of threads beating down anyone who said anything other than "I respect her as an individual", and decrying anything worse as locker room trash that makes people uncomfortable, but we get two people essentially saying "I'd fuck her" and that's cool?
I have certainly never said it was "cool". I don't know where you did get that.

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The locker room vibe is either ok or it's not. If you want to get on people's cases about it, shouldn't really have the people complaining about it doing it themselves.


I guess to tie that back into the above topic: if you want to curb the locker room trash talking, maybe don't go into threads and talk about whether the woman being featured is fuckable or not? Or bitch less when others act the same way you're acting. It's not nearly at the level of the n-word discussion, but don't get offended when others act the same way you're acting...
Who is this "you" you are talking about? The people making those comments are certainly not me, and neither people who complained about the behaviour. Or I suppose all women (and all "masculine feminists", to quote another poster) look the same to you?
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