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Re: "The Newspaper Strips Vol. 1" hardcover book (oct.2012)

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But yes, it all hinges on the wording of the original contracts and John Ordover discovered, IIRC, that neither LA Times Syndicate nor Paramount had file copies of all the contracts signed by the many writers and illustrators of the post-TMP comic strips - and neither most of the creators. A red tape nightmare.
So, either someone was able to find the original contracts, or IDW's just taking a bit of a risk and assuming they were fairly standard WFH contracts from the era.

Or maybe they negotiated with the creators (and/or their heirs) and will be paying them something.

It's all speculation at this point. Judging by the high price point ($10 more than IDW's typical price for archival volumes) there was some extra expense somewhere in the deal -- either to CBS or to the creators (or both).

No doubt we'll hear about it if the creators (or their heirs) come forward with a lawsuit claiming damages.
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