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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Watched Justice and The Battle today. Both had very clean and prisitine looking transfers. They're so good, I'm almost getting used to the picture quality.

I'm pleasantly surprised that the new audio mixes do seem to add to a more active soundfield for these episodes. Especially the sound effects on The Battle were great. When Picard remembers the events on the Stargazer the soundfield is filled by the sound of fire and alarms, coming from pretty much every speaker. It sounds fantastic.
I also watched Justice last night, and the outdoor scenes look gorgeous.

Although the first season was heavy-handed in its messages, I'm reminded why I was so excited about TNG in its first seasons. It really tried to creatively depict different cultures and how an advanced Federation would react to them.

You must admit that a culture based upon hedonism, but with a (to us) arbitrary penal system, would keep their civilization in line. It's a unique idea.

I was wondering who designs and builds the beautiful buildings, maintains the gardens, etc. Everyone we saw was partying. But, obviously (like we only saw the militaristic Klingons) there are other members of society who are productive.
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