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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Also, the American way of life is so universal that our constitution can be recreated by human like aliens who know nothing of Earth WORD FOR WORD. So according to Gene Roddenberry, American humans are the most important "thing" in all of existence.
Makes sense, being Roddenberry was American and all.
A good writer doesn't make it painfully obvious, and Roddenberry was not a good writer. He had good ideas, but was not good at executing them. His philosophy of mankind being enlightened and perfect and yet telling all his writers to create drama is more delusional than inspiring.
Regardless of your impressions of the ego or nationalism involved, you must remember that this was an American TV show targeting an American audience. I seriously doubt that GR or anyone else involved ever dreamed the show would have such far reaching success. It is only reasonable that they would address the history and culture of the USA in their stories.
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