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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

Why are you people waiting for a European disc replacement program? I'm from Holland and bought my set in the UK. I mailed the people at CBS and they treated me just like any other customer. They just asked me for my address and the SL number and I'm reasonably sure I'll be getting my replacement discs.

Here's why you shouldn't wait for a UK replacement program:

1. The discs are region ABC or "free". The US release is identical to the UK, Japanese, German or Dutch release. (Only the disc art will probably be different, but I don't care.)
2. The US replacement program is free of costs. You don't have to pay any shipping costs.
3. The US replacement program doesn't require you to send in your old discs. Just give the SL number and you'll get discs 1, 3 and 4 send to you and you can keep you old discs.
4. The US replacement discs will be ready next week and will probably start shipping the week after.
5. CBS will apparently ship overseas.
6. If it turns our that non US customers aren't elligble, you will have lost nothing and can always wait for the UK or European exchange program.

So what are you waiting for? Just try CBS in the US and who knows, you might have your replacements in 2 weeks.
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