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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Can't wait to see "Where no one has gone before" (Possibly the greatest TNG episode ever) in full glorious HD!
Well, can't argue that visually it's a very unique episode, but best TNG episode ever? If there was any episode where Gene Roddenberry was just emulating himself all over this series, this episode is probably it's biggest showcase. Not only is his "Mary Sue" Wesley treated like he's the best thing to ever happen in the existence of Star Trek, but we have this super galactic traveling alien who is so amazed by Wesley that he proclaims that humanity wasn't worth noticing until that boy showed up.

This is my biggest problem with Season One as a whole. It literally goes out of it's way to paint humanity as some sort of soon to be godlike entity that will be so incredibly powerful that even the Q fear us. And this isn't just a stage that every life form goes through. Oh, no. Hide and Q makes it perfectly clear that humanity and humanity alone in the entire universe are the only species capable of achieving a god like status that would rival Q.

Also, the American way of life is so universal that our constitution can be recreated by human like aliens who know nothing of Earth WORD FOR WORD. So according to Gene Roddenberry, American humans are the most important "thing" in all of existence.

There's a difference between depicting humans as enlightened individuals, and being selfishly pompous.
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