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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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(speaking of, how far out of sync is the "alpha quadrant timeline" and Titan now? It seems like it should be a few years separation. Is it just me or are we slowly returning to the pre-Destiny/Typhon Pact setup of differentiating timelines for each series?)
Seize the Fire, the last TTN novel, was roughly simultaneous with Zero Sum Game, in August 2382. And this one clearly takes place sometime after Paths of Disharmony, which was mostly in October '82. Raise the Dawn ends in late September or early October '83, not counting the epilogue which is about a year later.

And we already returned to differentiated timelines after Destiny ended several years ago. The post-DES novels took place at various different times and were published out of chronological order, and ditto for the first four Typhon Pact novels. Voyager has been proceeding at its own pace the whole time without any jumps forward to accommodate any of the Pact material. My DTI books have both been set a little earlier than the other 24th-century books coming out close to them. It's true that the Pact material has led to some big jumps forward in the TNG, DS9, and TTN chronologies, but it's hardly as if the series have been marching in lockstep.
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