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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Don't forget everyone gets a free autograph from one of the lesser guests, I expect they will have steady trade through the event. And those doing costumed photoshoots will also have less time at the table.
I've heard rumours in the past that Joiner has a vast stash of pre-signed photos which he needs to get rid off and realise as cash. It would explain why the dealers room guest list contains all the cheapest guests from his "Trek guests I've had before" roster.

If I wanted to be really cynical, I might suggest that people's "free autograph" will end up being a pre signed in addition to the pre signed photos he's already supposed to be giving out as part of the ticket packages.

And the hoover has been out again. For those of you who missed it, here it is.
Managed to spot that post before it disappeared. As soon as I saw it I thought: "that won't be there tomorrow" - and so has it proved.
Why censor people in this manner? If they think a politely worded criticism is wrong or unfair why don't they just counter it with a proper, fulsome explanation of the situation that would satisfy the person who has complained? I think we probably know the answer to that don't we? All of the responses from Jason Joiner seem to be along the lines of "stop complaining, stop being negative, trust us, we've got your best interests at heart, we're doing our best etc., etc." No concrete information on anything, just lots of promises of things to come. He's like a politician!
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