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Nope. A bunch of people have been spending money on MP. That's the thing -- a chunk of the MP fandom actually buys those packs en masse in order to gather items, characters, weapons, etc. more quickly. They actually pour Microsoft Point after Microsoft Point (and the PS3/PC equivalents) for this stuff, silly enough. That's why Mike Gamble's been quoted for saying it's made them a lot of money. That's how the MP community works with a lot of free-to-play MP games -- through microtransactions. So I'm told, that is.

Also, two of the seven weapons are completely new, which puts this at 66% as effective as ME2's Firepower pack already for the same price point.
Yes yes yes, but that has NOTHING to do with the content of the free DLC packs. You could spend real money on re-enforcement packs at launch if you didn't want to wait to earn in-game credits and that was before the three MP DLCs were released. What I'm getting at is you don't HAVE to spend real money to get those weapons; they're freely available to anyone who plays multiplayer and has downloaded the DLC packs (for free!)

Indeed, I dare say those spending real money on the re-enforcement packs are *very* much in the minority. Hundreds if not thousands more players already have access to all those weapons (myself included) and haven't spent a penny to get them. I already own those weapons in-game and Bioware is asking for money so I can own them twice? F*ck right off sonny Jim.
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