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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Seriously TASM added nothing of consequence to the origin story. Half the movie was wasted on this.
Agreed. The change of tone, memories of his parents, and MJ's absence could have easily been explained as side effects of the black costume debacle. All the other characters were established and Green Goblin could be replaced with Hobgoblin.
The problem with that is a lot of people did not like the 3rd film at all. It would have been foolish to build a new plot off it.
The movie may have been... less than the movies that came before but there was nothing wrong with the concept; it formed one of the more popular storylines of the eighties. Carnage builds on Venom. Does anyone think Carnage would make a terrible villain?

But your approach typifies the approach of many producers. The first time we have a dud, we reboot. It isn't really necessary though. As long as the movie you are doing has a good story etc the continuity can remain. If the reboot has a bad story, rebooting achieves nothing.

The reboot problem is one of attitude, not storytelling or production.

It's also worth noting I suppose that Spiderman 3 may have upset some fans but it made a lot of money. The fact that it was a weaker movie was not the reason why we didn't get Spiderman 4 - that was due to creative disputes.
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