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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

Speaking of Hank, my sister and I got into an argument about him and Jesse. I said that even though Jesse has become the show's main protagonist, Hank is still the show's moral center.
This. This I agree with. Hank is the moral center. He's got the clearest conscience and the most morally correct path, IMO. He can see beyond his own orbit. Hank could have lied through his teeth about what happened the night he beat Jesse up, but he didn't even though he was encouraged to do so by Marie. That speaks well of his character.

Jesse, however, is the main protagonist. I thought I was nuts to care for the character so much, but I guess I'm not alone in that perspective. He's not evil. He's got some street smarts, but he's not educated or book smart and--unfortunately--Jesse's got a guardian Meth angel who's going to get him killed, already killed his first love and nearly killed his would-be step son. True, he could step away from Walt. He is an adult, but he's so desperate for affection he'll take it from anyone.....even Walt. The question is.....does Walt care about him? Opinions? He seemed to for a long time. Walt ran over those drug dealers who were going to pop him in the middle of the street. He seemed genuinely moved by Jesse's despair in the crack house over Jane's death. Then there was his moaning Jesse's name when he was saying goodbye to Walt Jr. after Jesse and he fought. Good bye "Jesse" instead of good bye "junior." So he was on his mind.

Their relationship is warped. It intrigues, but it's warped. Would Walt sacrifice Jesse himself to save his own skin? I know he'd sacrifice Jesse's family and pretend he didn't, but would he hurt Jesse? What is up with those two?

BTW, Cranston and Paul together on the blooper reels on youtube--oh my GOD. When Cranston pulled out that giant dildo like a gun and told Aaron to grab it, and then squirted him from it.

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