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Re: Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

You left out the Grading feature.

Grade: A-

I just came back from a sneak showing and found it to be very good film. I've not read the short story but I read some commentary that this one follows the story much more closely. Apparently they never go to Mars, it's only mentioned in the story. So, in this film they never go. I honestly don't recall Mars being mentioned but I digress.
While watching it one can see where the films differ, yet also where they are very similar. The thrust of the movie is intact.

It has very solid action pieces, smooth f/x sequences and a really great cast. Thinking on it I don't instantly think of any plot holes, usually if it does and they are glaring it hits me while I'm in the theater(like when I saw TDKR for example). It wasn't screened for critics and those prima donnas will bash anything that doesn't cow-tow to their perceived sense of privilege to get a screening. Ergo, expect early low RT scores for those who actually still use that device. It's going to really be skewed unjustly low imo.

I'm not really prone to want to do a scene by scene review for this but I do want to say it's very much a summer popcorn action a good way. It's not brainless per se, I know that phrase usually means "check brain", just saying.

Hope it's given the fair shake it deserves.
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