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^Nobody has spent money on MP because all the packs have been free. That's half my point! And unlike the ME2 weapons packs, it's not new content, it's weapons that already exist in the game code, they're just not available in the single player campaign. Indeed, they're charging people money for something they already own.
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Wait, so they're charging people for the "privilege" of getting to use some weapons in single player that have already been released in multiplayer for free?
They are free and already available, if you have the PC version and aren't afraid of some savegame editing...
other than that, the timing of the Leviathan DLC seems good to me. Been doing a ME1-3 playthrough and I'm almost done with ME1.
As far as I'm aware, that only works for the first set. Looks like Bioware got wise and changed how things work for the second & third packs.
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