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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

89. The Aviator (A-)

Watched this a day or two ago, but forgot to review it until now. I believe this was my first Scorsese film, back in 2004. It holds up pretty well, albeit with some flaws. In particular, it suffers from the disappearance of Cate Blanchett at the halfway point; to the extent that anyone really takes Hepburn's place, it's Kate Beckinsale's Ava Gardner, who simply doesn't measure up (not a slight to Beckinsale; there's not much on the page to begin with). The antagonists also flit in and out (Alan Alda's nomination for supporting actor is a bit hard to fathom; not that he's bad, but there's not much to the role). But DiCaprio's lead performance is superb, and Blanchett fully deserved her win.

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