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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

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Then there's Hank. How far will Walt go now to stop him?
Up til now Walt's gone out of his way to protect Hank, but who knows how much longer that'll last.

I WANT to believe that, even as the shit's going down at the very end, Walt will have enough humanity left in him to not want to hurt Hank (especially after he was already nearly crippled for life), but it's hard to say what he'll do.
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What I get from the show about Walt's feeling for Hank is that Walt both despises and resents him.
Wow, that's not my take at all, at least up to this point. Walt has shown nothing but genuine affection for Hank over the past couple of years. That affection has even seemed to grow as Hank's life took those ad turns.

Of course, it may not last but I think for now, we can assume that Walt does care about hank independant of his feelings for Marie.

Speaking of Hank, my sister and I got into an argument about him and Jesse. I said that even though Jesse has become the show's main protagonist, Hank is still the show's moral center. She thinks that Jesse is the show's moral center. But, I pointed out to her, Hank may not be perfect but he is still pure as the driven snow compared to all the other characters including Jesse who is a drug dealer and murderer.
All sexual relations between Skylar and Walt now have an element of force by initimidation, i.e., of rape. But Skylar being another crook, as well as an adulteress, has permanently removed her from any pedestal. He can live with her reluctance.
Harsh, but true I think.

But I'm not getting exactly why Skyler is so scared of Walt all of a sudden. Okay, she knows he blew up Gus but why wouldn't she see that as just self defense? She was well aware that Walt's life was in danger at some point.

Walt has shown her nothing but "love" and devotion in the past. I don't think the show has worked hard enough make a convincing case for justifying Skyler's fear of Walt at this point.
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