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Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

Hey there. This film opens this week, and I like a good science fiction mystery (yes, I Robot and In Time are among some of my favorite types of films and they are underrated) so I'm willing to go along with a remake of a film I like so much... to see what I things stay the same and what things are different. I'm expecting to have a good time at a real science fiction movie, even if it's not real "hard" science fiction. I'm looking forward to a break from costumed heroes!

Ebert gave it three stars, and his review doesn't have anything in the way of spoilers. He pointed out the two big differences between this film and the original. One is that there is no Mars, which he didn't mined so much (I'll miss it), and that it's not Arnold. In his review of the original film, he points out that Arnold's performance was really quite good, and is the key that allows the film to work... so it should be interesting to see how the Quaid character plays here.
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