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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

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For the release of TNG on blue-ray, Mr. Okuda corrected okudagrams from the episode "The Naked Now" (refit Enterprise to TOS Enterprise) and "The Neutral Zone" (Clare Raymond's family tree). For me, the latter is telling. In the original showing, the family tree was peppered with in-jokes (Dr. Who characters, Muppets characters). If he could change the family tree, he could have change the mission orders. He didn't. Why?
Probably because he knew Raymond's family tree would be large enough to be completely legible in HD, and on the screen for quite a while, while the Conspiracy info was much smaller, not as legible, and lasted less than a second before changing to different screens. Plus, there would have been way more screens of info to change, and very little time to do it. Cut the guy a break.

IMHO, I'm glad that the information wasn't changed in any way, because now I know what ship info was really printed on those screens back in 1988.
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