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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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Non sequitur since None of those adjacent States ceded their territory to the central Government for the purpose of the Capitol.
"Capital." A capitol is a building wherein a legislature sits, not the city where a government is located.

And that's irrelevant. You shouldn't merge those states because they have distinct, separate political identities and do not want to be united. Neither Maryland nor D.C. wants retrocession.

Retrocession of everything outside the Mall,White House, Supreme Court, Capitol, Monuments, etc would be the best way to deal with with the proper representation.
No, it wouldn't. It would be shoe-horning a distinct political community into another state, and it would violate the clearly-expressed democratic will of the people of the District of Columbia, who have twice voted for statehood.

Definitely preferable to Statehood, which is offensive enough to need a Constitutional Amendment to be legal
Why is equality so offensive?

and patently unfair for other States,
What's so unfair to the other states? No one's violating their right to statehood.

especially the larger ones,
D.C. has more citizens than the State of Wyoming. Are you going to advocate a revocation of Wyoming's statehood on the grounds that it's unfair to the larger states, too?

As far as the Federation, definitely seems representative democracy, though the size of the Federation Council has never been established has it? Trek Apocrypha like Spock's World had T'Pau as the head of Surak's House and Spock as it's heir after Sarek. That same novel had several explicit references to representative democracy, though there was also a public referendum. None of it is in any way Trek canon, of course.
Of course it's not, but "canon" just means "the stuff other stuff is based on," that's all. It's a meaningless statement.
Democratic socialism is the hope of human freedom.
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