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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Just watched "Heart of Glory" (still a good episode with great music and an infinitely more interesting version of the Klingons compared to what we got later on) and was surprised that they actually reworked the explosion of the Batris from what we were shown in the season one trailer on the Next Level disc. I wonder why they did that.

Also, I noticed the flickering (almost strobing!) light in the transporter wall panel that was mentioned upthread. Kind of distracting once you've seen it.

As for the reason for the interlaced footage in "Code of Honor"; I'm not sure if I get why they did that. Is it an error in the original film material, something that happened during the scanning of the negatives or did someone screw up the mastering for the blu-ray disc itself? (BTW, I noticed another of these "interlace" errors in "Heart of Glory" at the end of the scene where Picard first speaks with the commander of the Klingon ship.)

Also watched "Datalore" yesterday. Brilliant music in the scene where they enter Soong's laboratory! But oh my, how annoying is it that no-one even listens to what Wesley has to say? That was really absurd. And I actually think there should be a scene in the end where Picard apologizes to Wesley.
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