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Re: Digital noise - video

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From their review which was not mentioned in any other review. This is a very technical video critique.
The reason why other reviewers didn't mention it, is because it is not digital noise, it's filmgrain. And it's perfectly normal.
White specks are usually caused by dark contaminants on the negative (which then become white when colors are reversed during the scan). Dust would be the most likely culprit... or redeposited sediment (like silver halide crystals) floating around in the processing chemicals... or just general contaminates in the water used to mix the chemicals or wash the film with. Usually that stuff is pretty well filtered out though, so it's rare.

But yeah, it's not digital noise like that reviewer claimed.
Thanks for explaining that. Always wondered what the cause was of those white specks. They're very noticable in Where No Man Has Gone Before, especially in the darker sickbay scenes. But becuase the reviewer above uses the phrase "haze of white specs" I don't think he means the occasionaly dust speck, but he's actually referring to the filmgrain. Also, the white dust should be most noticable in dark scenes, not the well lit bridge scenes....
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