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Re: Digital noise - video

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Technical picture
One technical deficit “Next Generation” has to “Original Series” is there is some digital noise flaring up. Many shots are totally clear in the high definition way I was describing above. Unfortunately, a lot of scenes on the bridge of the Enterprise are peppered with white spots.

Blu-ray aficionados are familiar with this. Sometimes in holding the picture together for 1080p, it creates a haze of white specs. It means they couldn’t create a 100% perfect picture, but you still get the sharpness, colors and detail of high definition with a few flaws. Oddly, the HD trailer doesn’t have those flaws in comparable shots. Only the actual episodes.

From their review which was not mentioned in any other review. This is a very technical video critique.
The reason why other reviewers didn't mention it, is because it is not digital noise, it's filmgrain. And it's perfectly normal.
White specks are usually caused by dark contaminants on the negative (which then become white when colors are reversed during the scan). Dust would be the most likely culprit... or redeposited sediment (like silver halide crystals) floating around in the processing chemicals... or just general contaminates in the water used to mix the chemicals or wash the film with. Usually that stuff is pretty well filtered out though, so it's rare.

But yeah, it's not digital noise like that reviewer claimed.
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