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If you deem this suitable of further discussion, I would be happy to engage in a separate thread, so as not to drag this one any further off course.

That is your best comment so far.
Hey now, was that necessary?
We all can't express our feelings in as nice a way as you always do, HR.

I always thought that one of several great rewards from playing "Trip Tucker" was that Connor got to mess around with Jolene's feet. If he ever does an "Inside the Actor's Studio", I'm sure this will come up.

When I first saw this scene I thought T'pol had just revealed her feet were ticklish as well. Just the way she flinches, it seems like Trip manage to tickle her feet by accident.
I thought he hurt her in that scene. It looked like he squeezed her heel a bit. I'll have to go back and watch the scene another few hundred times, just to be sure.

This is the look she hit Sim him with right after the kiss. No wonder he was okay with dying soon after.

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She's just so....feline
Yes, and I have also read T'Pol described as "elfen". Say what one will about her acting, Jolene brought two things to T'Pol that made the character unique; a Vulcan with vulnerability and ultra femininity.
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