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Re: X-MEN: First Class sequel (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

Sounds like Sean O'Neal of the AV Club would fit right in around these parts:
And yes, Singer further hinted that this does mean the film could "bring some connectivity" between the two X-Men incarnations beyond Hugh Jackman cameos, and clear up any inconsistencies between their continuities using the old comic-book trick of "alternate universes." Of course, that's all just speculation at this point, and it will likely remain that way until 2014 (or the first leaked set report of, say, Patrick Stewart turning up). But if they are planning on establishing alternate X-Men timelines, perhaps this will eventually lead to the designation and subsequent disowning of Earth-Ratner.
Wouldn't it be awesome if they really ignored The Last Stand, and had the Sentinel-fueled future come about in reaction to Mags' attempt at exterminating all humanity in X2? Only trouble is that I don't quite see how the FC cast would be in a position to do much about that so early on...
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