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Re: Warehouse 13 Season 4 (discussion, spoilers)

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My theory is that all this stuff about Claudia is just misdirection. The real evil is in Artie because he used the astrolabe. An evil from the artifact has taken root in Artie, just like that wheelchair guy from last season.
Agreed, which is why the evil will follow him forever. "Claudia in the Warehouse with a dagger" probably is trying to kill the evil Artie.
Hmmm ... I'd hope they have no plans to get rid of Artie. If what you're thinking is correct, then I assume the dagger is itself an artifact that might somehow kill the evil in Artie and undo the damage he did in using Magellan's Astrolabe.
And after Claudia kills the evil Artie, then Steve stops the metronome so Artie can be revived in his place?
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