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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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Retrocession of everything outside the Mall,White House, Supreme Court, Capitol, Monuments, etc would be the best way to deal with with the proper representation.
Foreign embasscies too. I would want all the buildings housing the machinery of the federal goverment outside of Maryland. Outside of any state was the intent of Washington DC in the first place.

I'd prefer to create a new Capitol in the very center of the nation from ceded territory.
A fine idea, people on the west coast feel very disconected from a government located so far away. North west Kansas seems real nice, carve out a piece of that for a new DC.

though the size of the Federation Council has never been established has it?
In DS9, Sisko said at some point that Bajor would have to select representitives to the council, representitives plural. So perhaps each member world has a team on the council, and not a individual.

That same novel had several explicit references to representative democracy..
I believe that reference was of Vulcan's government.

though there was also a public referendum.
Which might just be the way the federation is run, at least on big major issues and overall policy. There would be the council to carry out the people policies, and for emergency high speed decisions, and the bureaucracy for working the fiddly little details of the membership peoples referendum choices

Direct democracy.

None of it is in any way Trek canon, of course.
Well, none of the novels are.

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